Emily’s Own Elephant

Hello! I thought you might like to know where the name ‘Emily Sewn’ came from… As a child I had a favourite book, Emily’s Own Elephant, by Phillipa Pearce. I loved this book because I imagined it was about me, I shared a name with the little girl in the story and hoped that one day I too would have a pet elephant in my back garden! That of course did not happen but this lovely story stayed with me till adulthood. Early November 2012 I started running my own market stall in London’s fantastic Greenwich Market, and while getting all my lovely sewn goods ready to sell I knew I needed to think up a name for my stall, I thought Emily Thomas Designs was just too boring, I wanted a fun name which reflected the  items I’d lovingly made.  My mind came back to my favourite book how about if I named my stall ‘Emily’s Own Elephant’, it was okay but I’d just pinched the name of my fave book! So ‘Emily’s own Elephant’ became ‘Emily’s Own’ which was better but if I changed the letters around a bit it could become ‘Emily Sewn’ which was much more fitting as most of my products were sewn items! The name stuck!



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